Gum disease Worcester ma
Protect your smile agains gum disease. At Dr. Gobran’s office, we offer an array of solutions to assist patients and their individual needs. Learn more about gum disease today.
dental care x-ray
Preventive dental care is essential to protecting your smile. Learn more by scheduling a consultation today. New patients are welcome! Many insurances are accepted.
Invisalign worcester
Invisalign is a customized set of clear aligners that gradually and effectively shift teeth. It is ideal for teens and adults who prefer a more discreet treatment. Learn more today!
in-office teeth whitening
Enhancing your smile can easily be done with in-office teeth whitening. This safe and effective dental procedure removes years of teeth discoloration.
dentist near me
Despite at-home dental care, not all plaque and tartar is removed. For this reason, dental exams and cleanings are needed. Our dental office has the latest technology to assist all patients.
worcester emergency dentist
In general, a dental emergency is an orthodontal-related condition that requires evaluation, assessment, and management by a Worcester emergency dentist.