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Acne breakouts can strike teens and adults at any time, causing the appearance of blackheads, whiteheads, nodules, bumps, and even scars after they've cleared. At Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates in Worcester, MA, we understand the toll that acne can take on a person's appearance and self-esteem, even after the worst of it has cleared up. That's why our office is excited to offer cutting-edge treatments using the Alma Opus Plasma® system. This state-of-the-art technology uses radiofrequency and microplasma to smooth rough or scarred skin with minimal discomfort and zero downtime. If prescription or over-the-counter acne treatments aren't delivering satisfactory results, we invite you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Monica Gobran to discuss how plasma skin resurfacing with the Opus Plasma system can enhance your complexion.

We'll start the treatment by administering a numbing gel to the treatment area. Once you're comfortable and ready, Dr. Gobran will gently glide the Opus Plasma microplasma tool over your skin to stimulate collagen production and noninvasively resurface it. You will likely experience some redness or mild inflammation for up to 48 hours post-treatment, but they should not be so severe that they disrupt your daily routine. You will probably notice improvements in your complexion shortly after your first session, but we often recommend that patients return to our office for additional treatments to get the best results. The staff at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates will also help you design a skin care routine you can practice at home to maintain your brighter, smoother look.

Dr. Monica Gobran and Staff Dr. Gobran is my 4th dentist that I have had (with the recommendation from my wife that’s been with Dr. Gobran for years)with the help of a very professional staff that was able to accommodate my emergency situation in a timely manner. So impressed and appreciative of your professionalism and work ethic. Happy New Year Jack Carey

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Ok, nobody loves going to the dentist, BUT if you have to go, these guys are awesome! From the front desk to the doctor, everyone is top notch!

M.P. Google

It was my first time going to Dr. Gobran. She was really thorough and very nice. She helped me to understand everything and she kept me calm. I’m definitely going to her again and I recommend going to her for all your dental needs.

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I had always been afraid of dentist visits till I found Dr Gobran's team! They're simply THE BEST!!!

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Love everyone there. They are so nice and care

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Acne is a common concern among teenagers and adults, and the scarring it leaves behind can cause sufferers to feel self-conscious even years later. If you are embarrassed by acne scars in Worcester, MA, Opus Plasma treatments at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates can give you a refreshed appearance. When you visit our office for your initial consultation, Dr. Gobran will work with you to understand your concerns and goals and ensure you get the ideal treatment. Call our practice today to get started.

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Are Opus Plasma acne scar treatments painful?

Most patients at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates discover that acne scar reduction treatments with Alma Opus are much more tolerable than similar skin rejuvenation options, such as microneedling or lasers. Nonetheless, our team will gladly provide a localized numbing gel to keep you comfortable during your treatment.

How long is the recovery time for Opus Plasma acne scar treatment?

After your procedure, you will probably have some red areas or inflammation for about 48 hours, but you should be able to resume your day-to-day routine right after your treatment.

How many acne scar sessions with Opus Plasma should I have to achieve optimal results?

Results following acne scar therapy will vary with each patient. Depending on the severity of your scarring, you might expect to have 2 – 3 follow-up acne scar sessions to achieve a clearer complexion. During your appointment, Dr. Gobran or a team member will assess your complexion and discover your aims so we can advise about the best number of sessions for you. Additionally, our team can offer direction for an appropriate home-based skin care regimen to help maintain your outcomes.

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