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Periodontal disease, also called gum disease, is one of the more well-known oral issues that can have an adverse impact on a patient's overall health. Periodontal disease affects a huge number of individuals each year and is responsible for tooth loss in many patients. What's more, the oral bacteria that cause gum disease can live within tartar deposits on the teeth where it will continue to erode the bone and gums, rendering patients susceptible to further health problems in the future.

Gum disease can fall into different categories based on severity. The first stage of periodontal disease is gingivitis, which is followed by periodontitis. The final stage of gum disease is advanced periodontitis, which may require surgery to help correct.

The best defense against periodontal disease is to be proactive about practicing good oral health habits, including watching for signs of disease. If you experience symptoms, like swollen or discolored gums, bleeding while brushing or flossing your teeth, or halitosis (chronic foul breath), you might be living with gum disease. If you have symptoms that point to gum disease, the skilled team at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates can offer solutions. Led by Dr. Monica Gobran, we have helped thousands of patients protect their oral health. Reach out to our practice in Worcester, MA soon to arrange your biannual routine dental evaluation, and find out about the ways we halt gum disease.

When you're suffering from a dental condition, like gum disease, it is essential to have the problem treated as soon as possible to avoid the development of any further complications. In the past, advanced periodontal disease was often treated by removing the infected teeth and/or gum tissue. In recent years, however, advances in dental technology have made more conservative treatments possible.

Before coming up with a treatment strategy, our team will use precise tools to measure the spaces in your gums and teeth to better identify areas where bacteria may be hiding. Digital x-rays may also be ordered to help Dr. Gobran get a clearer picture of the mouth, particularly if the gum disease has reached an advanced stage. For early-stage gum disease (gingivitis), we might perform an in-office cleaning before reviewing care tips to help avoid any recurrence. For more complex cases, scaling and root planing (SRP) may be recommended along with a course of antibiotics. Late-stage gum disease may require flap surgery or a jawbone transplant.

Dr. Monica Gobran and Staff Dr. Gobran is my 4th dentist that I have had (with the recommendation from my wife that’s been with Dr. Gobran for years)with the help of a very professional staff that was able to accommodate my emergency situation in a timely manner. So impressed and appreciative of your professionalism and work ethic. Happy New Year Jack Carey

J.C. Google

Ok, nobody loves going to the dentist, BUT if you have to go, these guys are awesome! From the front desk to the doctor, everyone is top notch!

M.P. Google

It was my first time going to Dr. Gobran. She was really thorough and very nice. She helped me to understand everything and she kept me calm. I’m definitely going to her again and I recommend going to her for all your dental needs.

A.B. Google

I had always been afraid of dentist visits till I found Dr Gobran's team! They're simply THE BEST!!!

E.O. Google

Love everyone there. They are so nice and care

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Periodontal disease can be a serious threat to your health if left untreated. Combining patient-first care with the latest in dental treatments, Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates can help relieve the painful symptoms of this disease and protect the health of your smile. If periodontal disease is affecting your life, we invite you to reach out to our Worcester, MA dental office. Dr. Gobran and the rest of our staff have the experience and skill to help with treatments for any stage of gum disease.

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