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No matter a person's age — child, adolescent, or adult — it is common for patients to experience some level of anxiety when visiting the dentist. The team at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates is aware of this and strives to make every patient feel relaxed and comfortable when they come to our dental office for treatment. For patients who have had bad experiences that cause them to avoid the dentist altogether, we are pleased to offer a sedation dentistry option in the form of pills (oral sedatives). This effective approach may help improve your comfort, reduce stress, and generate more enjoyable dental experiences for Worcester, MA families. When you feel overcome with fear about an upcoming dental checkup, we encourage you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Monica Gobran at our office to discover how sedation dentistry could help you receive the care you need in relaxation.

Anxiety at the dentist is nothing to be ashamed of. Sedation dentistry methods offered at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates can help alleviate your worries and keep you feeling more relaxed. Additional benefits of sedation dentistry administered at our Worcester, MA office include:

  • An option for sedation, including pills (oral sedatives)
  • Making dental visits more comfortable
  • Your dentist may be able to work faster and perform multiple procedures in one visit
  • Helping those who have trouble sitting still at the dentist
  • The patient feels little or no discomfort

Oral treatment anxieties may be a barrier to overcome for individuals of all ages. These fears usually are linked to harrowing visits, needing to have several procedures, or other factors. Worcester, MA men, women, and children may feel nervous while receiving different treatments, from more intense dental, jawbone, or gum surgeries to even biannual dental cleanings. For many individuals, simply visiting a dentist makes them feel worried. At your consultation at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates, we will hear your anxieties and offer a practical choice of sedation that could help make your road toward achieving a hygienic and bright smile simpler and free of fears.

The sedation dentistry options we can offer you will depend on the scope of treatment and the severity of your dental anxiety. If you and Dr. Gobran decide on an oral sedative, you will receive a dose to take shortly before your appointment to help you remain comfortable. Local anesthesia may still be applied to the teeth, gums, and nerves around the treatment site.

Ahead of administering sedation dentistry at our Worcester, MA facility, Dr. Gobran will explain what you should anticipate after your treatment and give you any necessary aftercare directions. In the event that you were given oral-conscious or intravenous sedation, remember to plan for someone you trust to take you home after the completion of your procedure. Our office recommends that you relax and hydrate after undergoing sedation dentistry sessions at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates. You will typically be sleepy and low on energy for a while afterward; however, these outcomes typically subside within a day.

Dr Monica Gobran is THE best dentist I have EVER been too. I am extremely anxious when it comes to dentists and read online that she does sedation dentistry and specializes in patients with anxiety. I went for a tooth that hurt and got a full exam, and we decided on a treatment plan. I also went back to do a deep cleaning, and didn't even need sedation! Hygienist Cindy is wonderful and everyone on her staff is so nice and friendly. This dental office actually cares about their patients and it shows. I cannot recommend enough how amazing this office is. I will not go anywhere else for dentist work, and my fear is almost gone!!!

K.A. Google

Haven’t been to the dentist in years because of anxiety. Dr. Gobran and her staff went above and beyond to make me feel welcomed and comfortable. They explained every thing that they were doing and made sure I was ok with it before proceeding. I don’t think I will ever like going to the dentist but I can say I’m already put at ease and not even half as nervous about going again. The best part is they offer sedation!!!!

F.B. Google

The only dentist I will go too! Starting going here years ago when I was afraid to go to the dentist and have been going here ever since! I've done sedation, teeth whitening, routine visits. They are all so friendly and make you feel comfortable during appts!

L.L. Google


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It's natural to feel mildly nervous before a dental treatment, but if your fear of the dentist is causing your oral health to suffer, you should know that sedation dentistry can allow you to receive the care you need in a way that's more comfortable for you. Dr. Gobran is pleased to provide a few different varieties of sedation dentistry to help you have a more pleasant time at the dentist, whether you are visiting our office for routine dental cleanings, reconstructive services, or more advanced forms of treatment. To learn about the services we offer to make your dental appointments a more enjoyable, tranquil experience, reach out to the team at Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates in Worcester, MA to ask about sedation dentistry.

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Does sedation dentistry work for all procedures?
Sedation dentistry is an effective way to reduce anxiety during many dental treatments, but it is not suitable for all procedures. Dr. Gobran can assess your situation and help determine what kind of sedation is best suited to your needs. Rest assured that our team will not move forward with any procedure until you feel completely comfortable.
When should I take an oral sedative?
Oral sedatives are usually taken about an hour before the start of your dental appointment in Worcester, MA. Our team can provide clear instructions on how to take your medication and when. It's important to follow all of these directions closely in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of your treatment.
Are there any side effects associated with sedation dentistry?
Dr. Monica Gobran & Associates uses the most up-to-date and safest forms of sedation dentistry available. Generally, side effects tend to be mild and temporary, including drowsiness, dry mouth, or a feeling of disorientation upon awakening from the sedative. These sensations should subside within a few hours after your appointment.
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