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You broke a tooth after biting into a nut. Your son gets a tooth knocked out during a football game. You fell and chipped a tooth. You want emergency wisdom tooth removal. These are serious dental issues that can cause inflammation and extreme pain. But are they classified as dental emergencies? Do you have to call the dentist right away, even though it is a weekend? Should you go to the emergency room? Can you wait until the dentist’s office opens in the morning? When it comes to oral health issues, it’s hard to know what constitutes an emergency. Read on to learn more about the general guidelines for medical care.

Should I Call the Dentist?

A knocked-out tooth is always a dental emergency. If possible, try to put it back in its socket. Wash it off first to remove any dirt or debris. Biting down on gauze can be helpful. Just be careful to avoid swallowing the tooth. If you can’t keep the tooth in your mouth, keep it in a container of your saliva or milk.

If your tooth is fractured, you may or may not need emergency dental care. It depends on the severity of the fracture. Moderate to severe fractures may cause damage to the enamel, pulp, nerves and other tissues. In some cases, a crown can fix the issue. If the fracture is minor, you may be able to leave it alone. However, if you wish to fix it, your dentist can do so with a composite restoration.

If you suffer severe pain, you may have an abscess or infection. You may also have injuries to the gums, cheek, tongue or lips, which can cause severe bleeding. These issues require immediate care. Call your dentist right away. 

If you cannot get an immediate appointment, go to the ER. If you are ever in doubt, and cannot reach your dentist, go to the nearest emergency room. The doctors there are able to treat some mouth issues and can at least advise if you should see a dentist.


Preventing Dental Emergencies

Here are a few simple tips to prevent dental emergencies:
    • Stay on top of your oral hygiene. If you brush and floss daily and see a dentist a minimum of every six months, you’ll keep your teeth healthier. This will reduce the risk of developing a toothache or infection.
    • Avoid hard foods. Candies, nuts, and ice can cause you to chip or fracture a tooth. Stay away from these foods.
    • Wear protection. if you play sports, wear proper protection. A mouthguard or helmet can keep your teeth intact and prevent injuries to the mouth or face.

Contact Us Today

Dental issues do not always happen during office hours. If you are suffering from an injury or extreme pain and our office is not open, please give us a call anyway. We will do our best to tend to your issue. Dental emergencies require immediate care, so don’t delay. Contact the office of Dr. Monica Gobran today at (508) 753-3200.