Worcester Emergency Dentist: How to Avoid a Dental Emergency

Worcester Emergency Dentist

In general, a dental emergency is an orthodontal-related condition that requires evaluation, assessment, and management by a Worcester emergency dentist. Although pain is one of the most prevalent symptoms of dental emergencies, other presentations have unique characteristics that require urgent attention. For this reason, we recommend contacting your Worcester emergency dentist with any dental concerns. You may have a dental emergency and need immediate assistance. Learn more below and contact us today.

What Is A Dental Emergency?

Understanding the difference between a typical dental problem and a severe dental emergency is helpful for all patients. The most common dental emergencies include the following.

  • Missing tooth- losing a tooth should serve as an urgent dental emergency, even in the absence of pain. In fact, adults should take great concern of instances where they miss a tooth, and a visit to the dentist for examination and replacement is needed. Replacing the missing tooth with restoring healthy teeth appearance and function.
  • Severe, constant, and unresponsive toothache- cases of a sharp and throbbing toothache that is unresponsive to the typical analgesic should sound an alarm to you and prompt you to take urgent medical steps.
  • Bleeding from the oral cavity- any bleeding from the teeth, gums and other oral structures are a sign of a dental emergency
  • Visible signs of oral infections- dental infections are serious issues, and they might present with pain, symptoms of red gums, and pus formation within the oral cavity.
  • Injury to the oral cavity resulting from a fall hit or kick on the face that presents with bleeding from the gums, teeth, or other dental structures.

In addition, you should always contact your Worcester emergency dentist with any dental concerns. The dentist will recommend the best course of action.

Preventing a Dental Emergency

Our Worcester emergency dentist advocates preventing a dental emergency with preventive action. Those actions include the following.

  • Regular and routine dental visits- some dental emergencies, like bleeding gums, extensive tooth decay, and some infections, occur over time. Going for regular dental checkups allows you to have a thorough and detailed dental examination by a professional dentist. The doctor will be able to detect and identify any developing dental conditions in its early stages.
  • Maintaining proper oral hygiene practices- Brush your teeth at least twice a day and floss daily. Also, drink plenty of water.
  • Watch your dietary intake- studies indicate that the use of sugar-rich foodstuff and acidic beverages predisposes you to several dental conditions. In other words, the sugar in the meals like candies and chocolate attracts bacteria, which in turn produces acids that destroy the teeth. For instance, conditions like dental pain, teeth sensitivity, and extensive tooth decay are likely to occur.

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