Worcester Cosmetic Dentist: Choosing Dentures

Worcester Cosmetic Dentist: Choosing Dentures

Worcester Cosmetic Dentist|Missing teeth can result from several factors that affect the teeth, gums, and other oral structures. In general, severe decay, gum disease, injury, and old age are common reasons why patients lose teeth. Fortunately, patients can replace their missing teeth with dentures. These removable mouth appliances restore a patient’s smile and confidence. Learn more about dentures below and contact our Worcester cosmetic dentist today.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable mouth appliances that replace some or all missing teeth. They are custom-made to assure the best fit and natural-looking results. In short, patients with some missing teeth may be recommended for a partial set. And those who are missing all of their teeth are likely to be recommended a complete set. Dentures are custom-made with the help of our Worcester cosmetic dentist. During your dentures appointment, images and mouth impressions are taken and then sent to a lab. There, your set is created and later sent to our office. Your next appointment consists of assuring your set fits well and answering any questions you may have. In addition, our Worcester cosmetic dentist will advise routine visits to assure your dentures continue to fit well and comfortably.

Why Choose Dentures?

Replacing missing teeth is always recommended by our Worcester cosmetic dentist. It improves your oral health and restores your smile. Below are the main reasons why many patients choose dentures.

  • Restore teeth function- dentures act as semi-permanent teeth replacement that actively performs the purpose of the natural teeth. Dentures help you in regaining regular teeth functions like chewing and aids in speech.
  • Promote oral health- dentures promote dental health because they serve the function of the missing teeth and gums.
  • Healthy, beautiful smile- dentures restore the appearance of natural gums and teeth, which gives you the confidence to smile.
  • Easy, painless, and quick to install- the procedure of getting dentures is straightforward and fast, after the initial examination and customization of your denture model.

Maintaining Dentures

Dentures are easy to maintain. Simply brush your set at least twice a day. Be sure to also brush your tongue, inner cheeks, and palate. This helps remove bacteria and food particles that can cause infection and odor. Our Worcester cosmetic dentist also advises that you store your dentures in clean water. This prevents warping. And of course, visit us for your routine dental visits. Please note that any changes to your dentures should be addressed right away. For instance, loose-fitting dentures and damages can result in injury. Contact us with any dental concerns as it may be an urgent matter. We would be more than happy to assist.

Learn More

Replacing missing teeth is essential for oral health. Learn more about your teeth replacement options by contacting our office. New and existing patients may call our office or book an appointment online. In addition, we offer a variety of dental treatments to assist patients of all ages. Our services include pediatric, general, and cosmetic dentistry. Likewise, dental emergency care is provided. Contact us today! We look forward to meeting you.